ekayThere is a New Kind of Matter
Our Plan
Ethereum Ethereum minning is using a computer to run code from a decentralized network. The computer is compensated for the load it processed. This code will execute events on the Ethereum ledger. The effects can be opening real doors, purchasing in game items, confirming the ownership of materials, etc. Another term for this code is called smart contracts.
CognIOTA CognIOTA is a decentralized machiene learning platform. The models trained by the community can be developed any individual. This will stop big companies like IBM and Google from creating a monopoly on machiene learning.
What we do
We are supporting the shift towards decentralized networks. This is not altruistic, these networks incentivise support through the process of minning. We are using the incentive to be the physical hands of these autonomous entities.
We are located at Point Richmond Harbor, California.
Contact Us
email: Yqbill@gmail.com phone: +1 (323) 664-0029